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The New York Times

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This artist seems bent on breathing new life into so-called formalist sculpture by playing a lively, possibly African-based sense of geometric angularity against subtle shifts in material, color and surface. (full article)


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Art in America

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Interview Magazine

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The latest body of work is a pleasurable medley that cuts at the core of a half century of abstract painting: What comes first in the process of making an image? Color or shape? Scale or proportion? Composition or detail? (full article)

The Brooklyn Rail

Vartanian, Hrag. “Flip: Rachel Beach and Nora Herting,” (April 2008), p.51; illus.

In these circular sculptures, there appears to be a correlation between the thickness of the hidden plywood armature and the illusionistic bands painted on the surface. From various angles, the painting appears to recede into the surface of the work. The exterior and interior shadows cast by the sculptures become an integral part of the composition. The light—both real and illusory—defines each object’s mood and temperament. (full article)

BOMB Magazine

Maliszewski, Lynn. “Procedural Musings – Rachel Beach” (July 2010).

Beach’s objects straddle a line between two existences, clouding the viewer’s vision of truth. Her scheme is fully realized in-person where the battle between object and image materialize. In her skillful handling of paint and sculpture, Beach puts the mind and retina at odds. (full article)


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Beach's seductive sculpture-paintings are postmodern, playful explorations of relativistic perception. (full article)

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Beach’s sculptures, with their arresting silhouettes and precious interiors, are descendents of architectural design motifs... but they have evolved into sensual, almost living, creatures, with luscious contours and richly pigmented skins. (full article)


Courson, Patricia. “Rachel Beach - Rabbit Hole,” FlavorPill, (January 2008).

Rachel Beach crafts wood sculptures that radiate a bewitching energy. She draws from the legacies of minimalist sculpture and optical art, but adds her own signature fluidity and elegance. (full article)

New City Chicago

Powell, Kate Tierney. “Rachel Beach - Rabbit Hole,” (January 2008).

Beach successfully plays with the viewer’s perception of spatial relationships, depth, illusionism and the traditional roles of specific media to make a new type of art form, like Frank Stella had with his shaped canvases, that both is and isn’t what it seems. (full article)